2013 Hike Testimonials

To me, the hike is about connections -- about connecting with our OneFamily families who need help, about connecting with each other, about deeper connections and understanding within ourselves, and about connecting with the land and the people of Israel.

- Pam Albert (Former Executive Director OneFamily Fund Canada)

The hiking was awesome this year but as always, sharing the experience with others was what I will cherish most.

- Bruce Cowley (2013 Hike Co-Chair)

What a fabulous adventure , on so many levels .... the spectacular hiking, the beauty and rich history of the land, the incredible friendships, the special connections and bonds with those we support ...I will treasure the memories of a trip full of fun, laughter, excitement and deep meaning.

- Robyn Greenspan (2013 Hike Co-Chair)

The hike was really about putting one foot in front of the other. For me, that involved climbing steep hills and rocky terrain. For the many victims of terror who walked with us, it meant simply walking forward, maybe just to survive another day or maybe towards the hope that they will one day reclaim their lives.

- Bonnie Jackson

What an incredible journey. Hiking through the Judean Hills in perfect weather, with a great group of people, for a very worthy cause. It doesn't get better than that.

- Donna and Barry Bank

The hike was very inspiring and an extremely unique experience. Hiking with survivors and victims of terror is something so special and a privilege. Their strength is very powerful as is their courage and their will to overcome whatever they encounter. Thank you for this tremendously special opportunity.

- Ethel Smith

Time travel. We walked in Biblical footsteps and modern times. With our people and through history. Profoundly affecting all of us who were lucky enough to have the opportunity.

- Harvey Finkelstein

An ice cream fuelled ascent of Mt. Herzl, a climb through the Martyrs' Forest to the Rappoport sculpture, Tom Jones singing in Samson's cave; add this to all the wonderful people and the Hike is simply a recipe for awesome.

- Julie Schwartz

The camaraderie, the mutual support and the fun we all had together was terrific. The exposure to the beauty of what OneFamily accomplishes was heartwarming. And Israel was, as always, in its splendour as our homeland, complete with beautiful places and people!

- Michael Diamond

Over the last five hikes, I am drawn to the impact OneFamily has on the clients it serves and the qualities of people involved with the hikes (staff, guides and participants). It has been rewarding, inspiring and humbling!

- Michael Walsh

The One Family Hike" was an amazing opportunity to experience Israel in a unique, adventurous and meaningful way. Most importantly, its a chance to interact with those individuals and families that have been affected by terror.

- Nancy Soberano

Every year it gets clearer to me as to why I hike on this mission. The physical hike is a challenge. The beauty of hiking in Israel is immeasurable. But most importantly when I meet the recipients of OneFamily Fund's purpose, I feel the need to help and spread the word because they are living and dying in the place that I call 'home'.

- Simone Mayer

One Step. One Life. One Family.