Suggested Reading List

A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS (a memoir) by: Amos Oz
DOVE KEEPERS (a novel) by: Alice Hoffman
ENTRANCE TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN (an inspiring commentary on the spiritual lives of many faiths in the land of Israel) by: Yossi Klein HaLevi
ISRAEL: A HISTORY by: Martin Gilbert
JERUSALEM - A BIOGRAPHY (a comprehensive "life story" of the city of Jerusalem) by: Simon Sebag Montefiore
OH JERUSALEM ! (non - fiction) by: Dominique LaPierre & Larry Collins
SIX DAYS OF WAR (non - fiction) by: Michael B.Oren
START UP NATION (an account of Israeli ingenuity) by: Dan Secor
THE NATURE BIBLE (the ecology of Israel and Judaism) By: Baruch Sienna
THE PRIME MINISTERS (non- fiction) By: Yehuda Avner
TO THE END OF THE LAND (a novel inspired by the loss of his son in the first Lebanon war) By: David Grossman

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